Harald Sverdrup

In this episode, we have with us, Harald Sverdrup. Harald is a professor at Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences. He’s the World’s Bookkeeper, no one knows better what resources remain inside our planet. He’s been working on and developed the World6 model. But Harald, beyond the university, also runs a family recycling business. This has been a business that’s been around for 150 years and profitable every single one of those years.  And far more importantly, he’s proud to say that it’s the cleanest recycling plant in the world. More broadly, he takes a strong interest in bringing environmental technologies from research to market, with significant success. And he’s a member of the Balaton group. And also importantly, if you do search for him online, you’ll find many results regarding the late oceanographer and Harald’s grandfather, Harald Sverdrup not the Harald we have with us today is the one who has developed the World6 model.

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