Ugo Bardi Podcast

Today, we have our first podcast as part of the 4 Waves series of podcasts, a series that discusses the risks facing humanity over the next 100 years with leading researchers and analyzing them through a 4Waves perspective. Today as our first guest, we have Ugo Bardi. Ugo Bardi teaches physical chemistry at the University of Florence in Italy. He spent his career working on resource depletion, system dynamics modelling, climate science, and renewable energy. He is a member of the scientific community of the Association for the Study of Peak Oil. And he’s a regular contributor to The Oil Drum and

Even more importantly, at least for us, he’s a member of the Club of Rome and he authored the 33rd report extracted how the quest for global mining wealth is plundering the planet, and also The Limits to Growth Revisited, an update to the Club of Rome most seminal texts, which had a profound influence on many, including the author of The 4 Waves Method. Alexander Chikunov is also on the call. He has authored many other books too. Most recently The Empty Sea: The Future of the Blue Economy. And we also, of course, recommend reading his blog, The Seneca Effect.

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